Early Life
Shelley Krawchuk was born on March 13, 1960. With brown hair and dimples, she
often got teased growing up for a speech impediment, but quickly she learned
how overcome this to become a Grade A student.
Shelley Krawchuk - Screenwriter
An award-winning writer and actress, Shelley Krawchuk has a gift for
storytelling and interweaving life experiences into masterful screenplays.   
Her knack for writing began at an early age in the cold, northern city of
Edmonton, Alberta.  
Bursting Out
After high school Shelley became a Registered Nurse, working in the United
States and Canada.  Her drive and ambition was immediately recognized by her
peers, and she quickly climbed the corporate ladder.  Needing personal
growth, she began to expand her horizons.  She found a creative outlet in
writing, and very soon she started her career in the entertainment industry.  
She is a prolific writer, creating animated, dramatic, and comedic
screenplays and T.V. Pilots.
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Awards, Achievements
Shelley’s first claimed success for the short screenplay “Kill Order,” winning best student film at the
2009 Dam Film Festival.  Her quick success motivated her to write “Kill Haole Day,” winning five awards to
include first place in the Canadian International Film festival, best murder mystery at the American
International Film Festival, and top ten finalist winner in three international screenplay competitions.  
Her success continued with the TV pilot “Hillcrest Hall” achieving second round quarter-finalist finalist
in the Page International Screenplay Competition, and her half hour T.V. Pilot “The Bug house" placing as a
top ten finalist in the Hollywood Screenplay competition.   Her feature dark comedy, “Everybody's Eating
Ralph,” and her romantic comedy, “Cherinka,” have placed as top ten finalists in three major screenplay

In 2016, her animated short "Noodletown" placed 2nd round quarter-finalist in the Austin Film Festival and
finalist in the Scriptamation Screenwriting competition.  "Blintzes to Burkas", her T.V. Dramedy Pilot,
placed in the top ten at the Cannes International Screenplay competition and Hollywood Screenplay
Competition and was awarded semi-finalist in the Page International Screenplay competition.

Future Aspirations
Shelley’s future plans include the sale and/or option of her works.  Her drive and ambition will propel her
to achieve her goal.