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Screenplays for Sale or Option
Everybody's Eating Ralph - When a menopausal, middle-aged housewife, and
caterer, murders her husband she tries to dispose of the body by serving him as
the main course at the policemen’s ball.
The Bug House
Surgery for the Soul
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Brighton - A savage murder disrupts campus life at an Ivy-league medical school
while unscrupulous faculty members launch a prescription drug trafficking
Speculative Screenplays
School's Out for Summer - The Five-O team attempt to prevent a massacre and
save Danno’s daughter’s life after a disturbed student enters the school with a
loaded semi-automatic rifle.
Malphas - The prince of hell's newborn child feeds off his human mother's
flesh and blood, and is consumed with an insatiable hunger and must feed again.
The Bug House - A half-hour anthology drama series of spine-tingling, sinister,
and thought provoking tales of the confined patients, and ill-reputed workers
in the Hellingsly Insane Asylum.
Kill Haole Day - A broken teenage love story of a young white girl facing
constant and overt racism while living in Hawaii.
Everybody's Eating Ralph
Two Sides of the Same Coin - (short)  A young model is coerced to decide
between her fiancée and her aspiring modeling career by the toss of a coin.
Speculative Animation
Angry Sea Monkeys - When radioactive sludge transforms tiny sea monkeys into
humongous lizard-like creatures, the teen titans must save the day.
T.V. Pilots for Sale or Option
Shorts for Sale or Option
Blintzes to Burkas - A half-hour character driven comedy about two very
dysfunctional families of a not-so-attractive and overweight 40-year-old Jew,
and a 23-year old Russian-Muslim hot piece of ass he’s about to marry.   
Noodletown - A half-hour tweenie-animated comedy.   The Noodles are called into
action when garlic is released in the city causing havoc and destruction.
Katie's Hades - (short)  A young woman stands before God to receive her
punishment after the heinous murder of her husband.
Cherinka - When a recently dumped Jewish SOHO artist moves to a small
Massachusetts town, his life becomes complicated after he meets the geeky
gentile, pet therapist next door and her pet cat Cherinka.
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